Hacci Sunscreen Mist A

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Hacci Sunscreen Mist A.

UV block × Transparency × Makeup fix, all you want in one.
The greedy multi HONEY UV MIST is back.
A quick wipe of skin troubles anytime, anywhere. It is sure to be a must-have daily item that can be used over makeup and is easy to reapply. It's also a great point that you can share it with the whole family with a non-chemical prescription.

<Fragrance> Citrus tea scent layered with light and refreshing tea notes.

SPF30 / PA +++ / 30ml

    Shake the container well before using.
    When using, close your eyes and spray an appropriate amount on the entire face at a distance of about 30 cm. After that, gently push it in by hand.
    If you sweat or spend a lot of time outdoors, we recommend that you reapply every 2-3 hours.