ITRIM Shionkou Holiday Starter Kit


ITRIM Shionkou Holiday Starter Kit

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ITRIM Shionkou Holiday Starter Kit.

ITRIM treats adult pore problems as a countermeasure against aging and focuses on guiding the entire hair follicle to normal.
Without impairing the functions of important hair follicles, he created a unique design that identifies what is unnecessary and necessary for adult skin, making it plump and beautiful.skintreeReasonmeand work on pore troubles due to age.
Three unique items can be used according to the troubles of pores.
Rebuild from the hair follicle level,skintreeReasonmeNot only does it plump up each and every one of your pores and work on existing pore problems, but it also nurtures skin with inconspicuous pores.

ITRIM Shionkou Melting Cleansing Balm 20g Naturally derived ingredients 99%
ITRIM Shionkoh Refreshing Powder Wash 0.7g x 7 packages Naturally derived ingredients 98%
ITRIM Shionkou Bracing Essential Lotion 30mL Naturally derived ingredients 97%
ITRIM Shionkou Original Flat Pouch Size W215 x H150

    Limited quantity released on 11/07/2022.